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                    Students from different Boards of education( SSC, CBSE, ICSE, etc.), different schools from various locations of our country converge in this batch and are usually confused regarding their potential to solve JEE problems. I start physics right from scratch to these students, covering all the basics required to equip them to reach a confident stage. All the chapters will be undertaken with sufficient time given to the students to solve the respective chapter problems. Separate sessions on doubts for the students who are unable to cope up will be taken up regularly. Feedback from parents will be taken periodically to understand individual difficulties of each student.

One Year Program

                    Elaborative study, Extensive daydreaming and Fake planning will keep you busy taking your goals away from you which leads to even more stress, anxiety and depression. Time and Confidence is of the essence for these students. For this batch, Sessions will be conducted at a slightly higher speed, I am also going to give an individual planning for each and every student understanding the limits of feasibility of solving as per the respective student. Individual 1 on 1 talks will be held to keep each student motivated, that is my responsibility. Smart study is the key.

Foundation ( 8th, 9th &10th)

                    Stress free, Happy go lucky education is highly important for all the school students. More interactive oriented classes, Explaining them the real time importance of their education will be the motto of the sessions. All school students should have extra curricular activities apart from studies.

Note:- For exceptions I am open to anything, keeping in mind the students compatibility and enthusiasm. To know more Please feel free to contact me.

JEE Advanced

Two Year Core Program

                   JEE Advanced is a golden opportunity which will enable access to the best premier institutes of our country, namely Indian Institute of Technology's. At these premier institutes you experience best quality education, infrastructure and a wide range of career oriented possibilities which will not be available in other engineering colleges. Cracking JEE Advanced is not an easy task, but if you are consistent throughout your preparation, focused on your goal, eat healthy food, maintain fixed and correct sleep timings, the chances will increase manifold and to achieve this routine meditation is a must.

"Where there is a Will, There is a Way"

"Even Rome was not build in a Day"

"Honesty and Hard-work blend together into Happiness"

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