JEE Mains is a gateway to reach JEE Advanced, Almost about 17% students of total giving JEE Mains are selected for JEE Advanced. Besides this, JEE Mains score is used for admissions into 25 IIIT's, 31 NIT's, 23 Centrally funded Technical Institutes, etc. There are many seats to occupy and is very easy to get a seat in the above mentioned Institutes via JEE Mains score. The concepts for JEE Mains will not differ from that of JEE Advanced, but JEE Mains question paper is set far easier. Preparing for only JEE Mains is going to be a stress free ride. Usually any student who is hard working will easily crack this exam and procure a seat in aforementioned colleges.

Two Year Core Program

                    All students coming from any Board of Education and from any location of our country will not face difficulty in this batch as the sessions are taken relatively slow making sure that students get more practice during the sessions itself. The fast problem solving techniques that are imparted to the students in this batch will also be useful for all other Engineering entrance exams. This program bears the least pressure on students and ensures stress free education to them throughtout the journey. Here more attention is given to practice and speed instead of depth and variations of the concept based questions.

One Year Program

    Apart from imparting the knowledge of the subject, simultaneously students are given tips and tricks of identifying the crux of the questions in a short period of time. As JEE Mains is mostly about speed basis, it becomes very important for the students of this batch to be more practice oriented. Students will be constantly monitored and motivated to make sure they donot lose their will power and focus on their studies. Weekly planning and assessment is considered compulsory for this batch, and the same will be updated to the parent with full transparency.

Foundation ( 8th, 9th &10th)

                    Stress free, Happy go lucky education is highly important for all the school students. More interactive oriented classes, Explaining them the real time importance of their education will be the motto of the sessions. All students should have extra curricular activities apart from studies. Note:- For exceptions I am open to anything, keeping in mind the students compatibility and enthusiasm. To know more Please feel free to contact me.

JEE Mains

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